[Free Webinar] CSQM 1 Implementation Blueprint

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Wednesday, November 29

2:00 pm CDT (3:00 pm EDT) 

 Trying to figure out where to start? Feel like you are spinning your wheels? Overwhelmed?

This webinar will help you plan for and implement CSQM 1 requirements and save you dozens of hours in the process.


Why Join In?

Time is passing quickly and December 15 is just around the corner!! Are you feeling that you are running out of time? Do you know where to start?

I have your answers. If you’re looking to understand what the changes mean for YOUR firm... or, if you’re struggling to get started on your CSQM implementation plan... this webinar is for you. ASK KSA can save you a LOT of time.

Many practitioners have some idea of what’s coming but haven’t yet started.  The reality is a lot of firms are underestimating what needs to be done to meet the requirements.

Based on experience, it is estimated it could take upwards of 100 hours to properly implement the requirements.

These are hours you probably don't have.

ASK KSA has coached many clients on implementation and in this webinar we will share our blueprint with you.

You will walk away with massive clarity on CSQM 1 and confidence in your path forward.


Here's what we will cover . . .

  1. CSQM Rundown: A top to bottom practical overview of the requirements of the standard and how they impact your firm.

  2. Implementation Blueprint: Walk through how I coach my clients to approach the upcoming changes... from the importance of risk identification and assessment, how to link to quality objectives, and developing risk responses.

  3. Ask Kirsten: I will be LIVE answering your questions so this is your opportunity to get some free real-time coaching. 

Sign-up for the free 1 Hour Webinar

Wednesday, November 29

2:00 pm CDT (3:00 pm EDT) 

 This webinar will help you plan for and implement CSQM 1 requirements. Leave with a sense of clarity on your next steps forward. What you will discover will save you dozens of hours and give you a close up look at how ASK KSA can support your firm.

Meet Your Presenter


Hi, I'm Kirsten, founder of ASK KSA Consulting. I help firms save time and achieve peace of mind in meeting the requirements of being in public practice.

I created this CSQM 1 Implementation Blueprint Webinar to help accounting firms prepare for the upcoming changes.

I have coached many clients on CSQM 1 implementation and I want to share my blueprint with you and get you started on the right path.


Kirsten S. Albo, FCPA, FCA

What past participants are saying about this session:

"You are were so practical and really knew what you are talking about. Your implementation blueprint will help me through this process. It totally makes sense to start with the risks, and I am so glad you suggested this."

"I just wanted to say that your presentation was very clear and professional.  I liked that you focussed on action steps for implementation and provided such good tips. I am glad you did not get hung up on the technical aspects of the standard. I can read it myself, I need help with implementation. " 

"Great session (as always)!!!  You have a way of making all these changes feel manageable!! I know I have a lot of work but now I have a place to start."

"Thank you so much for this overview. You explained the requirements of the standard in a way that was very practical. I actually know what I need to do now, and where to start."

"Thanks for the session, that was exactly what I needed to get me started.  I will definitely sign up for your workshops."


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