CSQM 1 Implementation Workshop

Fast-track your CSQM 1 implementation, with a proven methodology.

A complete "done with you" approach to get your Firm 100% ready for the CSQM 1 Standard changes.

You’ll get done what would have taken you 100+ hours to accomplish. I am there with you every step of the way.

Implementing CSQM 1 is much more than drafting a manual.

And the deadline of December 15th, 2023 is fast approaching.

Sound Overwhelming?

It doesn't have to be, because I'm here to help. Using our Path to Implementation Workshop approach, and our specially developed System of Quality Management Toolkit (SQMT), you design and implement your system of quality management in ONE DAY. And, are equipped for monitoring, remediating and evaluating in years to come.

What makes the Path to Implementation Workshop approach unique? 

Fully populated database.

SQMT includes tailorable quality risks, quality objectives and risk responses. Guidance on monitoring and evaluation is also included. SQMT is developed by practitioners, for practitioners. 

Saves you time. 

Our workshop approach saves you 100+ hours. You are 100% ready for the CSQM deadline in ONE day. And, all set up for evaluation the year following, saving you time now, and in the future.

No ongoing fees. 

Other CSQM tools on the market require ongoing annual subscription costs. Step-by-step guidance, all workshops, follow-up guidance and SQMT licence are included in the total cost. A ONE-TIME fee.

Step-by-step guidance.

We work with you through each stage of the process. Workshops are limited to 12 firms to ensure participants receive the support and guidance they need. You don't have to muddle through it all on your own. 

The Approach

The new quality management standards are expected to have a significant impact on your practice as you implement a risk-based approach to addressing quality management.  

In this highly interactive series of workshops, you fully design and implement your system of quality management in ONE DAY and are ready for monitoring, remediation and evaluation in the year following.

With the changes, and related requirements, most Canadian accounting firms are realizing that the effort required for implementation is in the neighborhood of 100-200 hours. 

This is why we created our "work with you" approach to help you get it done. You will be ready with three easy steps.


CSQM Ready in Three Easy Steps

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1. Pre-Workshop Preparation

The pre-workshop session includes a recorded overview session of the quality management standards. You will also receive your SQM Toolkit Database (SQMT), along with installation and set-up instructions. SQMT is installed on your system, not in the cloud. The pre-work also guides you through a risk identification exercise to help you prepare for the first workshop.

2. Live Virtual Workshop: Design and Implementation

This is a full-day live event where, together, we fully design your system of quality management using SQMT. We start by finalizing and assessing quality risks. These risks are linked to the quality objectives. Finally, we develop risk responses that are appropriate for your firm. Throughout the day, we tailor the content library included in the SQMT to the specific nature and circumstances of your firm. You will be ready for the final implementation steps and have a clear path forward.

3. Next Steps Workshop: Monitoring, Remediating and Evaluating 

We know you will still have questions. The Next Steps Workshop is another live interactive half-day session to provide further guidance and tips on monitoring and remediation activities and evaluating your SQM in the year following. As well it is an opportunity for you to ask questions that have arisen over the past months as you implemented your SQM.

We work together every step of the way. You don't have to figure it out on your own. 

Extra bonus... the workshop counts towards 15 hours of verifiable CPD (including your 4 hours of Ethics!!)


The SQM Toolkit Database

This toolkit is unique, there is nothing else like it on the market. A fully populated database that is simple and easy to use.

This System of Quality Management Toolkit (SQMT) facilitates every step of the process to easily design and implement your system of quality management, meet the documentation requirements, and track monitoring and remediation activities. Everything, all in one place

SQMT includes quality objectives, a robust list of potential quality risks and a full library of policies and procedures to provide a solid foundation and leg-up in developing your system of quality management. The content of SQMT is all there, and fully tailorable to meet the unique nature and circumstances of your firm. SQMT includes monitoring, remediation and evaluating activities to save you time now, and in the future. 

SQMT is installed on your system, not in the cloud. The fee includes the lifetime license, no ongoing subscription fees.

For practitioners, by practitioners.

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Workshop FAQs

Who is this workshop for?

  • Any firm that must meet the requirements of CSQM 1. That is, your firm. 
  • SMPs and sole practitioners who want to implement the requirements efficiently and effectively.
  • Practitioners who want to save time now, and in the future.
  • Practitioners who do not have an extra 100 hours available.
  • Practitioners who do not want to wade through a multitude of forms and checklists.

When and where are the CSQM workshops?

  • All 2023 workshops are virtual. Dates are detailed at the bottom of this page.   

How do the Workshops Work? 

  • Each workshop session is limited to no more than 12 firms for a true interactive experience. 
  • Together we tailor the SQMT and design and implement your system of quality management in ONE DAY.
  • Each registration allows two participants from your firm to attend. 
  • Both the Design and Implementation Workshop and the Next Steps Workshop are live interactive sessions and included in the cost.  
  • One-time license fee for SQMT. No ongoing annual fees. None!! The one workshop fee covers it all. 
  • Love it or leave it guarantee. We are so confident in our approach that if, after doing the pre-course work and spending a day with us at the workshop, you don't feel it was worth 10x your investment, we will refund your money. 

How is this different than other products available?

  • One-time fee. No ongoing subscription costs. 
  • Step-by-step guidance every step of the way. We work with you to get it done.
  • Fully populated database. Everything is there for you for you, no need to figure it out on your own. 
  • Tailorable database that resides on your system. Simple and easy to use.
  • Practical and intuitive approach. Workshops lead you through it all. Design and implement in ONE DAY.
  • Guidance on next steps of the standard. No floundering with monitoring requirements. 
  • A proven methodology to save you 100's of hours. For practitioners, by practitioners.
  • Participating in the workshops will prove of value to your firm and not just a standards compliance exercise

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Meet the Facilitator


Hi, I'm Kirsten, founder of ASK KSA Consulting. I help firms save time and achieve peace of mind in meeting the requirements of being in public practice.

I developed the Design and Implementation and Next Steps Workshops to help practitioners design their system of quality management in a fraction of the time it might otherwise take. I want you to meet the requirements in a way valuable to your firm, not just a check-the-box exercise.

You don't have to do this on your own. I am here to help, not only this year with design and implementation but next year as well with monitoring and evaluating. 

I know you are busy and am here to support you so you are compliant by the effective date. We help you be fully prepared not only for this year but well into the future.

Join me? 


Kirsten S. Albo, FCPA, FCA, ICD.D

What past participants are saying . . . 


I knew I was going to have trouble reading and interpreting the Standards and designing appropriate responses for implementation, but I was a little hesitant to pay for this workshop.

I’m glad I did because it provided me with necessary understanding and implementation tools. The cost was completely alleviated by opportunity cost analysis. It is a very valuable tool for assurance firms and I would recommend it to anyone!

- Ryan Rawluk  (Rawluk & Robert CPAs )


I was worried that the time involved in creating a system of quality management from scratch would have made it impossible for our firm to do, so I had no hesitation about participating in this workshop. I was happy for the assistance as I had no idea where to even start on my own.

We now have a SQM designed and ready to be implemented! It was well worth the cost in the many hours it’s saved, and I am clear on what is needed for our SQM moving forward. It was an excellent presentation that designed our SQM in ONE DAY!!

- Dean Jenkyns (Jenkyns Smith CPA LLP)


I am a sole practitioner and didn’t have the time or the knowledge necessary to implement CSQM 1 on my own. Being able to attend a workshop that had everything organized with concise information and finish with a completed SQM was invaluable.

Kirsten helped us tailor our SQM to the firm’s particular circumstances. This excellent workshop was an absolute time saver and allows me to continue concentrating on my work without stressing about getting it completed.

- Todd Thornton (Thornton & Co LLP)

Virtual Workshop Dates